3 Main features of online bookmark managers

Bookmark managers are not something new but so many things have changed since the days when the first bookmark managers online came about. So, with the many bookmark manager online today, it can be quite difficult to really pin point which is the best bookmark manager. In any case, we use bookmark managers online differently so what may be the best one for you may not be the right one for me. So to help you find the best one, here are three different features of the some of the online bookmark managers.

The one feature that is gaining popularity among bookmark managers online users today is the sharing feature. There are many bookmark managers online that are for sharing more than anything else. These are for those who just cannot help but share all the wonderful things they have with others, including the sites and articles that they just recently found. And there are a lot of people out there who are like that. And there is nothing wrong with that really. Who else are we going to trust, but our friends and family? So, if you are into sharing, you can definitely find several bookmark managers online that are good for sharing. To find them, all you have to do is to read some of the reviews and you can get to pick which one is best for your use.

Another feature is the privacy and public settings. Now this feature is for those who want to simply keep their bookmarks to themselves. Examples of these are Chrome bookmark manager and Google bookmark manager. Both are basically for private bookmarking although they have some public options. With a little checking or unchecking of private and public buttons, you can just as easy make them private or share them with others. There are other bookmark managers online that are basically the same so finding one is even easier than finding a bookmark with good sharing features.

Third is the overall manager feature. Now when it comes to managing your bookmarks, you can find the simpler ones or the more complex ones. The simple ones will allow you to edit, add, delete, arrange and share. The more complex ones have synchronization, archiving and others, depending on the bookmark managers online. So, when it comes to management options, you really have to define what you want for a bookmark manager so that you can find the right one for your needs.

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