Four Awesome Bookmark Managers to Improve Your Web Experience

Over time, browsers – and the internet as a whole – have evolved and changed so much so that the web experiences people get today hardly resemble the ones they had when the internet first became popular. Nowadays, speed is at a premium, every news story is updated almost as it happens, people can engage and communicate with strangers from all over the world easily, and you can even find a date. But one thing that has stayed relatively constant is the need for bookmarking and saving websites. It can be tough to keep all of your favorite sites memorized and pull them up off the top of your head every time you hop online, so using online bookmark managers can help make every one of your web experiences more positive. The following are some of the best bookmark managers available.


Delicious sets itself apart as a great online bookmark manager because it has a social aspect to it. Unless you choose to click the “private” setting, all of your links and saved sites will be viewable by others. Plus, it has hot and trending lists that let you keep up with the latest and coolest information on the web. And, everything is driven by a tag-based system that makes organizing and searching for links super easy.

Google Bookmarks

It might seem like Google has its hands on just about everything online today, and for the most part, that is correct. Google Bookmarks is an awesome tool because you can access it from any browser as long as you are logged into a Google account. This is a great improvement on bookmarks of the past that were only available on one browser and allows you to quickly access your favorite sites from anywhere.


What makes Diigo different than other online bookmark managers is that it allows users to not only save, but annotate, archive, and share links. Diigo is easily accessible because you can get to it through its website, the toolbars on Internet Explorer and Firefox, and via the Chrome extension. As a result, it is usable on every major web browser and a great tool no matter how comprehensive you want your bookmarking to be.


Originally known as Foxmarks, Xmarks is unique in that it allows lots of cross-browser compatibility and synchronization. It has the power to sync bookmarks and profiles so that, if you are constantly hopping from one computer to another, you can easily access your bookmarks. This is a serious advantage if you are constantly on the go but always hungry for updates.

For some, bookmarking simply means writing down favorite websites in a notebook and typing them all in every time they get online. However, the comprehensive online bookmark managers today make that an erroneous task and allow web users to save and visit all of their favorite sites easily.

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