Have a Favorite Bookmark Manager? See if it Makes Our List of the Top Three

Are you still keeping track of bookmarks with only your web browser? There are many reasons people use bookmark managers online. Not only is it easier to find and share the bookmarks you do have, but you can connect with others and search their bookmarks as well.

Using a bookmark manager online is also more secure, since you will not lose your bookmarks in the event of a browser malfunction or hard drive failure. Here are three of the best bookmark managers available for free online, which you should consider using if you want to keep better tabs on all the things you like.

1. Firefox Weave

This bookmarks manager is great for synching. Weave is an add on for Firefox, and it makes sure you have a unified experience no matter what location or platform you are using. It can store passports, browsing history, and more so that you can find that article you were reading on the computer by looking through your phone. And of course, it excels in bookmark storage.

2. Delicious

Delicious is one of the most well known social bookmarking services. Because the service is social, much of its capabilities revolve around making it easier for you to share links with your friends and the general public. Delicious is highly reliant on its tagging system, using it for searching, saving, and organizing as well. This program is a great option for people who like communicating with others.

3. Google

Unlike Delicious, the Google bookmark manager is more geared toward helping people with their private bookmarking needs, although it does have some public capabilities. Everything is saved while you are logged in to your Google account, which makes it easier to manage your bookmarks across a spectrum of browsers and devices.

Honorable Mention

Xmarks, Diigo, and Scoop.it all get honorable mentions for their strong bookmarking capabilities. Also featuring great synching capabilities, Xmarks got 42% of votes on Lifehacker for being the favorite manager for readers.

What bookmarks manager do you like using? Let us know in the comments!

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