How to Handle Your First Week with Invisalign – How To Stay Fit

If you’ve noticed your teeth are crooked or are shifting, the Invisalign aligner is an excellent option to correct this. This is a system consisting of a number of plastic trays worn over the teeth to shift them to new positions. In the beginning, an impression has to be made of your teeth , so the trays can be designed which are precisely sized to fit your teeth.

The trays offer a firm fitting. They exert pressure on teeth constantly to shift they and create a straighter appearance. Due to this, the first few days of wearing an Invisalign aligner might be hard and difficult and painful. For those who have them on in the beginning turn to pain medication that is available over the counter. This can help to relieve the discomfort and help make the process of getting adjusted to them easier.

Start the habit of eating meals with your aligner tray during the beginning of your first week. It may be hard to remember to do so in the beginning. Once you get used to using the tools correctly before you start straightening. 2a3clcuos9.

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