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ervices? If you’re curious, here’s what you can expect.

1. Once the body is handed over to the funeral house The family of the deceased tries to explain to them what to do with the remains. The body may be buried or cremated. There are many ways in which to make the funeral.

2. If relatives of the deceased is planning to hold viewings, the deceased needs to be embalmed, no matter if it’s burial or cremation. But if the family decides not to have a viewing session for the deceased, the corpse is refrigerated in a temperature-controlled area where there’s no further breakdown of the body

3. If the dead body was an infant, most states require a stillbirth certificate for the normal procedure. This is also required by the coroner. As long as there’s no plan for a viewing session The dead body ought to be refrigerated rather than embalmed.

4. Funeral homes typically contact coroners whenever a body begins to decay. They can then expedite the process of cremation. There will be a foul odor within its surroundings in just a few days. Sometimes, when a cadaver has been severely decayed, the coroner may authorize the funeral house services to accelerate the cremation process.


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