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In the initial step of the process that is the first step of the process, an injection molding process produces a preform. When the preform is then melted and fired into to the mould cavity. The pet form will be quickly cool to temperatures lower than the temperatures required for crystallization. This results in a transparent, clear preform. The second stage is when the preform will be heated to the temperature which is greater than the temperature of glass transition. Then, the preform goes through blow molding before it eventually cools.

Process of processing Method of Processing

After the one-piece is shot and blown in the same machine is finished and the preform that was molded by injection is cooled to a temperature at a level that is within the melting point, yet it remains in a condition of thermo-elasticity before being blown into bottles.

The performance of the preform molding process is directly correlated to the performance of the materials used. It is vital that the specifications of the design can be met by the capabilities of the molding machine.


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