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With the innovation of the cloud-based computing, more and more of our lives end up being online. Our banking, shopping, entertainment, work, and sometimes even our schooling gets done on the internet. When you save the sites that you visit most to your bookmarks, they can start to accumulate pretty quickly. Bookmark managers online are now practically a necessity.

If you want a bookmark manager Chrome compatible, all you need to do is search for online bookmark managers in the Chrome web store. Here are a few that are available to you.

  • Xmarks
  • One of the most highly rated for bookmark manager Chrome options, it is also recommended by many users on LifeHacker. Xmarks is all about the bookmark, from syncing and sharing them, to syncing profiles, tabs, passwords, and even mobile bookmarks if you want.

  • Google Bookmarks
  • Of course, if you are using Chrome, then you are probably using other Google applications. Google has a built in bookmark manager that many people find to be sufficient. The Chrome browser gives you several options to add a bookmark to the manager, the easiest way being to click the star outline in the URL window.

  • Springpad
  • Springpad is not strictly a bookmark manager. It is more like a bookmark manager on steroids. You can collect things from all over the web, like articles and photos. You can record voice memos, save “places,” and of course access everything you have saved from any device.

  • Bookolio
  • Bookolio provides a sleek and dynamic user interface to display search engines, recently visited sites, and bookmarks. If you would like a different way to access your bookmarks, along with a unique system for organizing everything you do on the web, then this is it.

The best bookmark manager is one that you will actually use. Therefore, you should try out a few to get a feel for the different features and user interfaces. You may find that certain applications are too complicated or loaded down with customizations that you do not need. With a little trial and error, you should have no trouble finding the perfect bookmark manager for your browser.

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