Packing Advice for a Trip on an Assisted Living Cruise Ship – Travel Packing Tips

date large suitcases. You should pack luggage that is small enough to fit under the bed. To allow your loved ones who are older to be able to store things like souvenirs and other gifts take their possessions with collapsible luggage. It can be able to fit into small spaces and, if need be it can be expanded to accommodate extra items. If you want to travel easily one can use bags like a backpack or fanny pack. If your ship is docked in an area where there are shops, you’ll require a cloth tote or mesh bags. Be aware that on cruises those who travel need to use baggies that can be sealed. Why? Because after swimming or dipping yourself in hot tubs it is necessary to have a space to keep their swimsuits in case they spill water over all the other stuff they carry in their bags.
Pack Light

If you are packing your loved family member for a getaway on an assisted living vessel do not give in to the over-packing temptation; stick to a couple of colours for the theme as well as mix them up. Your loved ones might be allowed to dress casually in the event that they do not require a the formal dress code. You should also confirm whether the cruise line offers laundry services at sea and if it does, it will help you bring fewer things for them. Always bring clothes with no wrinkles. Why? Since staterooms in cruises don’t come with irons and travelers can’t bring them to the ship. It is possible to get clothes cleaned by staff of the vessel, but this will cost you more.

Make sure you are wearing a smart shoe

When packing for an assisted living cruise ensure that you bring shoes. It is important to note that it is a large vessel which means your loved one will require well-fitting shoes for walking around the ship and on excursions, such as when the ship docks. If you’re a woman, evening flats and sandals should do well. On their own, would be happy with boat shoes and sandals. Rubber water shoes can prove useful while you are swimming in areas with a lot of rocks to


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