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Her artwork influenced her work and his style. This is also how the work of theirs helped define the mid-century modern style that so many people tend to rely on whenever they decide building their own home. Charles Eames and Ray Eames helped to impact architectural design as well as the way that we know it today, although they died in the late 70s and early 80s.
The Diary of an Eccentric Designer (1997 by Barbara Wolf)

You’ve heard of the possibility of commissioning metal art, customized iron doors, and even custom fireplace mantel options when it comes to house design. The documentary offers a amount of everything. The documentary follows the story of Philip Johnson and is a walking tour of the projects by this distinguished architect. He is the designer of the famed Glass House that we have seen many times on movies and on television, and which several architects attempt to replicate in one method or another. The house is a testament of architecture and the creative power of our imagination. The building was designed by the architect of 1945. He lived in it until his death in 2005.

It’s an excellent illustration of modernization and customization architectural design. His work on the glass home and the other architecture feats are what sets Philip Johnson apart from other designers and what homeowners tend to look back on and try to emulate as they design these amazing modern residences that are unique.

Microtopia (2013 by Jesper Wachtmeister)

This documentary is one that is a story that follows the lives of many designers across the globe who are challenging the concepts of our current custom homes. They are some of the top home builders who are striving to provide new solutions for tiny living spaces that we would never have considered without our own imagination.

It’s truly eye-opening. helps to understand tiny homes, which are becoming increasingly sought-after.


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