This Mod Adds More Friends and Foes to Minecraft – The Buy Me Blog

There are many options and little to accomplish. Sandbox is a game due to the fact that you shape the game of your desires. There aren’t any predetermined goals or objectives. Simply go wherever you’d like and go about the way you like. The game provides you with the backdrop and the resources to go on your adventure. However, sometimes, even an endlessly expanding worlds may feel a bit stale in the midst of a long day. Minecraft mods are available to assist. They can provide you with additional choices for you to enhance your gameplay. The best way to play is with your friends, on a dedicated server. Consider hosting an Minecraft server even if you do have one. This video will demonstrate how to add additional players as well as enemies to Minecraft.

It’s also known as “Friends and Foes”. The mod adds new friends in the shape of copper golems or Mobloom. The names are familiar as these were mobs who lost the mob vote in past version of this game. The mobs were very close to being accepted into the gamebut did not receive the chance. They’ll have another opportunity.


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