Types of Horse Bedding You Should Purchase – Best Veterinarian Review

Consider your location and where the nearest retailer is. When you are picking the bedding, take note of the time they are spending in their toilet, if they’ve medical issues, and the amount of time they spend in their space clean.

The bedding for horses made of wood shavings can be the one most common. You are able to pick the shape and feel you desire. Do not use black walnut since it is toxic to your horse. Be aware that if your horse is suffering from respiratory problems tiny shavings may not be recommended as they may be inhaled and in dust form. Shavings are usually preferred since when they’re wet, they can clump up, and clean shavings won’t get removed by your pitchfork.

Another option is using wood pellets for horse bedding. These pellets can be compressed to make ideal for horses that suffer from allergies to dust. These aren’t ideal for colder climates in which they freeze and transform into solid. They may be uncomfortably for horses, however when they are used outdoors, are feasible to walk on. Some alternatives include straw and rice. When selecting the right bedding in your horse’s stall keep in mind their unique requirements.


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