What Does a Dentist Do for a Chipped Tooth?


This will keep it from becoming more severe and makes the teeth appear healthier. They are also permanent they can be made to closely match the appearance of your original tooth.

Your dentist will take the X-rays of your teeth to make impressions. This impression is then sent to the lab in which a technician will create the crown with natural appearance that can be fitted in the future. You can make dental crowns from different materials such as ceramic, porcelain or metal or ceramic. So, having the chipped tooth fitted a crown typically requires two visits to the dentist. There are occasions, however it is possible that your dentist will have the ability to design an appropriate crown on the same day that they shape the tooth.

Tooth Implant

A dental implant involves surgery to repair a tooth. When it comes to what will a dentist do to an injured tooth it is a matter of last resort since your dentist will try in order to save the tooth you have. But, if your tooth chipped it could be able to extend beyond the roots, and your tooth may be damaged enough to heal using a crown made of dental material or root canal therapy. The dentist may recommend the tooth is removed to be replaced by an implant.

While dental implants can be costly the insurance provider could cover part of the cost of treatment like implants or braces if they are required. It’s a good idea to check with the insurance company to learn exactly what benefits your policy will cover.

The tooth first needs to be removed if you choose to receive dental implant. Following the application of a local anesthetic the dentist will then pull the teeth away, although it is not always possible to receive implants on that same day. In this case, the dentist will plan a second visit to get the surgica


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